World Series of Poker Could Have Competition for Poker’s Elite

The coming years could see serious competition for Las Vegas poker tournaments. Just months after hosting the World Series, The Bicycle Backroom has announced that they will be hosting an event called “The 39th Annual Los Angeles Poker Open presented by Golden Connection Credit Union,” which takes place between November 3-7th! This prestigious series is sure to attract many professional players and novices looking at playing their first ever game of Texas Hold ’em on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, respectively.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Set To Host $1 Million Guaranteed Poker Tournament

When poker players think of Las Vegas, they usually don’t associate the city with another type or form. However just last week it was announced that there would be a new tournament hosted by one-time rivals in Sin City: The Grand Poker Series! This event started on June 9th and continues until July 3rd at The Golden Nugget casino.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Set To Host $1 Million Guaranteed Poker Tournament          

The PokerNews Cup has been a huge success, with many events holding $1 million guarantees. The biggest of these is the main event which will be played over three days and at stake 500K!

The Golden Nugget is one of the most famous hotels on Las Vegas’ iconic Strip, with 2,419 rooms. Their poker room has been placed right in front but against other major properties making it a potential host to this year’s World Series event! It’ll be interesting to see how many players shift gears after playing their usual games at either place – or if they even bother going all out come Saturday night when things start heating up again.

South Point Casino In Las Vegas Hosting Summer Poker Round Up Tournament Series

The South Point Hotel Casino is set to host another edition of the Summer Poker Round Up this year. The nearly two-month-long event will have numerous large guaranteed tournaments with buy-ins sitting at $240!

The $75,000 guarantee no-limit hold ’em tournament will be the most anticipated event in this series. The final winner will receive a prize pool worth over seven-million dollars!

The best thing about the casino is that they will host various tournaments with different buy-in amounts daily. The most expensive guaranteed tournament starts at $60 and can go as high as 50 thousand dollars! There are also weekly contests where you could win up to 15 – 25 grand each time, depending on when it falls during your weeklong stay here in town.

Las Vegas may be one of the most famous cities in America, but it’s not recognized internationally for its poker scene. That is about to change with COVID-19 fading, and now Las vegas hope that they can become an even bigger hub than before by hosting tournaments once more on their beautiful Strip!

IGT To Support Sports Betting In Tennessee

IGt is now getting into the slot game market, and they’re not going anywhere. Tennessee will be their testing ground for this new venture as it becomes more popular across America, but if all goes well, then there might just come an opportunity where we see them expand even further!

The company’s latest move indicates that it has succeeded in boosting the strength of sports betting across Tennessee. With this new addition, bettors can place wagers on their favourite sporting event right from home or work!

IGT has worked with SuperBook Sports before, and it looks like they are planning on continuing their relationship in additional states. So far, we’ve seen them team up three other times: New Jersey; Arizona & Colorado!

The new operator in the state could wind up increasing Tennessee’s volume of sports betting traffic when it officially launches. IGT has been successful elsewhere, after all–they currently operate 20+ states and have products across those regions as well!